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Angie Stone

Angie Stone (born Angela Laverne Brown; December 18, 1961) is an American recording artist, producer, and actress. She rose to fame in the late 1970s as member of the hip hop trio The Sequence. Soon after, Stone began working with futuristic rap group Mantronix and singer Lenny Kravitz. In the early 1990s, she became a member of the R&B trio Vertical Hold.


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  • Mouhamad Ayoub Coulibaly
    2018-06-24 12:05:26 Reply
  • kaumajamir
    2018-06-01 01:41:29 Reply
  • ادم
    2017-11-27 08:45:59 Reply
  • ادم
    2017-11-27 08:45:03 Reply
  • جلال الدومه سليمان
    تما م
    2017-08-08 09:24:12 Reply
    عيسي ال عمار
    جميل جدا
    2017-06-03 08:04:15 Reply
  • عمر بابكر
    Good vare...... gosto
    2017-06-17 08:31:56 Reply
  • Jaylen Bo
    it inspired my soul and heart..
    2017-06-14 11:28:22 Reply
  • عيسي ال عمار
    جميل جدا
    2017-06-03 08:04:15 Reply
  • جلال الطيب الجامعي
    2017-03-12 06:01:52 Reply

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