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The King Is Coming Nathaniel Bassey 2019

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    • yetealuv
      Holy spirit carry me on eagles wings to greatness
      2019-12-29 09:54:54 Reply
    • Adeniyi Precious Shosho
      Eh! My king is coming! Ehh
      2019-12-26 12:29:28 Reply
    • Adeniyi Precious Shosho
      Oh! Father! The king is risen! I hear! Ehh
      2019-12-26 12:28:44 Reply
    • oluwaoyehun
      2019-12-24 07:06:43 Reply
    • Emmanuel Fapohunda.
      Glory be to God.
      2019-12-22 11:38:31 Reply
    • Sophia Samuel
      so great to God be d glory
      2019-12-20 06:59:44 Reply
    • CL Asake Adeyemi Triumph
      more of God's glory in jesus name
      2019-12-20 01:44:12 Reply
    • Nimi Naturalista
      Fantastic album
      2019-12-18 05:24:20 Reply
    • Timothy Ola
      Daddy i want to be as you but the lord told me that i can be myself and still be like you in another great dimension, daddy i need u so i can grow, i need u to build me.
      2019-12-16 11:11:24 Reply
    • Harvest Ekene
      I've fallen in love with this album, God bless you sir for this, I was looking for a song to keep me in line and I got an album.
      2019-12-14 01:00:29 Reply
    • mirabest
      this is awesome
      2019-12-13 09:43:02 Reply
    • cookie
      God bless you sir for this great weapon
      2019-12-11 05:40:01 Reply
    • wisdom
      The best song of the year 2019 ,that I have listened to.. God bless you with more inspiration..
      2019-12-11 01:53:56 Reply
    • Daniel ahmodu
      nice album am overwhelmed. many more nice album to come. my mentor
      2019-12-09 10:08:18 Reply
    • Oluwadamilola Temitope
      Thank you sir for staying true to the Father. More of Him in your life. I'm a life that is blessed by God's grace on your life.
      2019-12-09 05:27:34 Reply
      Nice album,, it uplifts the spirit, there is a place where the lion of the tribe of Judah is preparing for us all,,,
      2019-12-07 02:15:32 Reply
    • Abdul idris
      beautiful and wonderful albums
      2019-12-06 05:19:23 Reply
    • Adesanya Emmanuel
      This is good, more inspiration and anointing. God Bless you Sir
      2019-12-05 06:17:11 Reply
    • Mfon Akpasa
      God bless you pastor Nath Bassey. This is soul lifting. Thank you so much.
      2019-12-05 11:41:39 Reply
    • suney
      soft album God bless u Nathaniel more inspiration and annoiting
      2019-12-05 10:06:11 Reply

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