Boomplay Visual Identity Guide

This manual has been developed in order to ensure that all graphic elements which make up the visual identity of Boomplay; The logo, colors, typeface and design architeture are used correctly and consistently in all its application.

The guidelines contained in this manual illustrate how to use and combine various elements of Boomplay so as to maintain consistency of the brand.

These various elements helps convey the idea,values and personality of our brand.

Our Brand

Boomplay gives you access to unlimited African & lnternational music, videos & buzz. Discover new music and artists, stay updated with trending releases from ready-made playlists & follow other music lovers to know what they are listening to.


We aim to deliver the best African and lnternational music while also building a sustainable digital music ecosystem for artists.

The Boomplay Logos

Corporate Logo Vertical

Corporate Logo Horizontal

Logo Usage

  • To be used on merchandise materials

  • For In-App usage only

  • General usage

  • For In-App usage only

  • At the bottom of sanple music interface Email signature picture

  • Boomplay Music is written in title case.

  • To be used on flags only

Do's and Dont's

  • Do not distort the Logograph
    Do not distort Logo Typeface

  • Do not recreate logo

  • Do not recreate logo typeface

  • Do not remove or replace elements in the logo.

  • Do not change the color

  • Do not rotate logo

The Boomplay Badges

Badge Variation

  • Download

    For audio and video content available on Boomplay Music

  • Download

    For promotion of content available for pre-order on Boomplay Music

  • Download

    For promotion of exclusive content released on Boomplay Music

Badge Usage

Badges are to be used only for content promotion purposes
Badge sizes are to be retained to a 3:1 ratio.
Width = 3 Height = 1
Badge minimum size usage= 10% of the total size of artwork
Badge maximum size usage= No limit


In situations where the height of the artwork is 80% shorter than its width, the Boomplay Music badge should be used as seen below. With a 20% minimum size usage on art.

QR Code

To be used on BTL promo materials for downloading the Android APP


The Boomplay Colours


  • Primary Color

    We chose the dark tone to match the feeling of vogue.

  • Secondary Color

    Our primary color tones are bright and vivid and they also represent energy and creativity.

Secondary Colors

  • #00FFCC
    RGB: R=0 G=255 B=204
    CMYK: C=55 M=0 Y=39 K=0

  • #E71035
    RGB: R=231 G=16 B=53
    CMYK: C=3 M=100 Y=84 K=0

  • #F6F868
    RGB: R=246 G=248 B=104
    CMYK: C=3 M=100 Y=84 K=0

  • #9A24A6
    RGB: R=154 G=36 B=166
    CMYK: C=49 M=93 Y=0 K=0

The Boomplay Typefaces

We allow the possibility of choosing the Light. Bold or Black family where necessary. provided this is done to achieve maximum visibility.

ROBOT0- Light

ROBOT0- Regular

ROBOT0- Bold

ROBOT0- Black