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Chess is signed by US company, Kult Records

July 19, 2017 182
Chess is signed by US company, Kult Records - Boomplay
After releasing her latest single "Give it to you" in April this year and featuring in the song "Vumilia",
released last week by Kenyan rapper Prezzo, the Kenyan songstress signs a 2 albums deal with American
label ‘Kult Records’.
Kult's founder and CEO, Lilla Vietri, was drawn to Chess's powerful voice and she received a copy of
"Give it to you", a club banger dancehall tune produced by Dr. Sappy. Immediately, the potential for the
song to cross over into the dance/house genre was evident to Ms. Vietri who, after signing Chess to her
label, appointed a number of international producers to make few remixes of the song that will be
released in September with an EP. A video re-edit of the original work directed by Johnson Kyalo will also
form part of the EP release.
KULT Records has multiple number 1’s on the Billboard Dance Chart and is a well-respected, internationally known underground independent record label specialized in House Music and has a catalogue of over 50,000 songs. The label was founded in 1994 and it is based in NYC, USA.
Chess is a young beautiful versatile talented Kenyan singer, songwriter and performer. Her catalogue
includes two singles ("I am in love" and "Give it to you") and few collaborations with top Kenyan acts such
as Khaligraph Jones, Shamir, King Kaka and Prezzo.
So what does the future hold for Chess? The plan is to work on remixes of "Give it to you", followed by an Album in 2018 and another one by 2020.
This deal was initiated, negotiated and executed by Chess' management company Panamusiq.


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