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Download Yemi Alade's 'Black Magic' Album & Win!

December 18, 2017 110
Download Yemi Alade's 'Black Magic' Album & Win! - Boomplay
The long awaited 'Black Magic' album, by the super-talented Mama Africa, YEMI ALADE, is finally here! It's her third studio album, which houses 15 complete tracks, including guest appearances from Nigeria Top Artist which includes Falz on “Single & Searching” & Olamide on “Jantolo”, with “Knack Am” as a bonus track on the album.

Together with Boomplay Music, Mama Africa will be gifting some of her fans with smartphones, Boomplay recharge cards and Buddy Essentials in the #BoomplayMusic x #BlackMagic giveaway! Here's what you have to do to stand a chance:

1. Download Yemi Alade's #BlackMagic album on Boomplay Music app 
2. Share a screenshot of your downloaded album on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  with your Boom ID as the caption. use the hashtag #BlackMagic & #BoomplayMusic
3. Follow & tag @BoomplayMusicNg and @yemialade

8 winners will be selected via a live raffle draw on Friday, December 22, 2017 at 5pm on Instagram (@BoomplayMusicNG) by Yemi Alade!  - 4 winners of smartphones and 4 winners of BoomBuddy Bags & Recharge Cards will be selected!

This offer is also open to fans who have pre-ordered the album before release (To stand a chance, follow step two and three only).

1. Offer is available till December 20, 2017. 
2. Winners will be contacted via their Boomplay Music app inbox.


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    • Precious White
      i love it
      2018-08-31 07:17:07 Reply
    • Ohemaa Afia
      2018-08-07 10:02:08 Reply
    • Asogwa Maureen
      love you bab
      2018-04-14 10:10:44 Reply
    • Prince Adekunle Abraham Salami
      this is so great
      2018-03-24 10:42:24 Reply
      2018-03-18 09:42:49 Reply
      Francis Scott
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      2018-02-16 11:06:31 Reply
    • redsonk
      good music
      2018-02-09 07:24:34 Reply
    • محمد عبدالقادر
      2018-02-04 07:36:53 Reply
    • maman
      2018-01-16 07:38:54 Reply
    • Dada Itoyi
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      2018-01-16 05:24:59 Reply
    • Patrick Rogers
      download and play 2018 African Afro vedio
      2018-01-15 04:38:44 Reply
    • Abdulaye ibrahim
      2018-01-10 08:04:14 Reply
    • Almeida da Cunha
      good album
      2018-01-09 02:36:52 Reply
    • sandy kumar
      2018-01-09 11:39:15 Reply
    • Troy Trixie
      2018-01-09 09:14:18 Reply
    • Ahico Claude Kassi
      je suis fière bissou
      2018-01-08 09:19:01 Reply
    • Desmond
      2018-01-08 03:19:35 Reply
    • محمدالشاذلى محمدالشاذلى
      2018-01-08 02:08:51 Reply
      it is going to be awesome
      2017-12-18 11:07:01 Reply
    • Youssouf Yossi
      2018-01-07 08:52:27 Reply
    • Elyassa jalal
      2018-01-07 11:09:06 Reply
    • Mohamed Tholley
      kohducs nhygtd
      2018-01-05 02:47:28 Reply