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Mac Miller To Be Buried At Pittsburgh Cemetery Featured In His Music Video

September 17, 2018 97
Mac Miller To Be Buried At Pittsburgh Cemetery Featured In His Music Video - Boomplay

It’s strangely ironic that Mac Miller‘s final resting place will be a location that was very influential to him when he was alive and making music. The late rapper’s family, including his mom, dad, brother and grandma were seen visiting Homewood Cemetery Friday afternoon in Pittsburgh, presumably to pick out a plot for Miller.

Homewood Cemetery isn’t just a run of the mill graveyard, it’s actually a place of inspiration to Miller when he was growing up. He once said in an interview, “We used to hang out in the cemetery at night, when no one’s there.,” adding, “In fourth grade, I remember going in there with s--- to smoke, then trying to smoke it to see what would happen to us. I started smoking way before I started drinking.” Homewood was also a featured location in Miller’s music video for “Nike’s On My Feet.” Other notable burials at Homewood Cemetery include jazz pianist Errol Garner and David Lytle Clark, the inventor of the Clark Bar & Zagnut candy bars.

As we reported, Miller died with a will in place, and named his parents as trustees to oversee his estate, along with his brother. He also more than likely left them the majority of his cash and property, but it’s all wrapped up in a private trust the hip-hop star set up back in 2013.

His body was flown back to Pittsburgh last week in preparation for a Jewish funeral service. The medical examiner in Los Angeles is still waiting for his toxicology results to determine an official cause of death.


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