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Fena Gitu is back!

June 14, 2017 47
Fena Gitu is back! - Boomplay
Fena Gitu has seen phenomenal success with tracks like “Kama Kawaida”, and “Sema Ng’we” and “Party Nation” featuring The Squad. She also hosted a concert this year dubbed “Fena Unplugged” which was a huge success and it’s clear that 2017 is her year.

Her latest track called “Doing Her Thing Tho” is a celebration of women; how resilient, tenacious and ambitious they are and with her amazingly rich vocals and witty lyrics on the track, she is clearly at the top of her game. The track encourages women to be who they are and have no apologies for being ‘Fenamenal’ women.
Some of the women mentioned in the track are well known personalities in the Kenyan scene such as Lupita Nyong’o, Victoria Kimani, Edith Kimani and Victoria Rubadiri as women society can look up to. She  also mentions Huddah Monroe, a socialite who is in the media for a number of controversial reasons and inspite of this, is able to maintain her brand and become successful in business.

The song is meant to inspire women to keep doing their best and continue being unstoppable.
The track is produced by iLogosMusic, the visuals directed by Dj Briizy and is sponsored by Marini Naturals, Pauline Cosmetics and SukiMakeupAfrica.

Look out for the track on Boomplay Music!


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