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Melodica; Pioneer in Kenyan Music now on Boomplay Music

June 15, 2017 81
Melodica; Pioneer in Kenyan Music now on Boomplay Music - Boomplay
We’re sure you have passed this store countless of times, with the wide array of music instruments and records well displayed on the window.
Located on Tom Mboya street in the heart of the CBD near the junction of Ronald Ngala street; Melodica has stood the test of time and has a wide range of music from Kenya and Africa, from the 70’s to date.
Melodica is the oldest and biggest publisher, producer and music shop in Kenya and East Africa. The family business was started in 1971 and has thrived since. It is renown locally and globally as the hub of rich content and variety unmatched anywhere else.
Boomplay Music is proud to partner with Melodica. You can listen and download music from a wide range of genres; from Taarab, Rhumba by Metric Jazz Band, Les Volcano (Mazinga Zinga), Jamuhuri Jazz Band, Benga by Simba Wanyika and Fanuel Amimo. Music from Kenyan pioneers Daudi Kabaka and George Mukabi are also available on the app.
At the store, you can find a wide range of vinyl records and purchase a record player while you’re at it. You can also buy a wide range of African music CD’s or if you prefer listening to music digitally, you can take your flashdisk and get music from over 30 label companies. There is loads of music available on their website
So if you’ve been looking for music from a few decades back to date; in CD, LP, cassette or digital format, you can visit Melodica and they will be sure to sort you out.
Visit Boomplay Music to listen to music from Kenyan pioneers.


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