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Lace(Taiwo Agbohunsa) is the future of trado-contemporary music, he is a perfect blend of urban R & B and Hip-Hop. Lace is one eclectic singer with a unique crowd-pleasing ability and singing style as his lines are majorly delivered in his native Benin republic mother tongue (Egun),Yoruba and English Language. Lace was born in Benin Republic but moved to Lagos at a tender age of seven, his music odyssey began as a member of a respected boy-bang group called ''Young Money navy Gang'' in Ogba area of Lagos State before being snapped up by Dozage Records.


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    • Elegbede Paul G
      Mr Gbabee still dey de make way all I know is is baba is in town...
      2019-01-27 12:24:45 Reply
    • Majour Daniel
      2018-12-02 04:26:39 Reply
    • Keta Paul
      i love lace
      2018-07-19 09:29:22 Reply
    • Justin
      nice song lace
      2017-03-09 09:10:35 Reply
    • rtoukfszcn$+/238?!7/' ¥÷[®§§^¶|
      2015-06-01 05:50:42 Reply
    • rtoukfszcn$+/238?!7/' ¥÷[®§§^¶|
      2015-06-01 05:50:32 Reply
    • rtoukfszcn$+/238?!7/' ¥÷[®§§^¶|
      2015-06-01 05:50:14 Reply

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