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Abena - Boomplay
Abena Cuppy 2019

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    • Young Soo
      3no na me ntia asia no
      2019-04-30 06:56:11 Reply
    • tercas
      I love this jam
      2019-04-26 10:19:39 Reply
    • Celestine Mgbeke e
      2019-04-25 02:35:11 Reply
    • crossbonney
      2019-04-23 05:05:54 Reply
    • Baba Hassan
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      2019-04-23 04:58:07 Reply
    • pongi
      2019-04-23 09:18:39 Reply
    • i_am_maldiva
      amazing song @dj cuppy❤
      2019-04-23 08:01:32 Reply
    • jaycrown
      dj cuppy gave me something last last, not like her previous wack music
      2019-04-22 08:26:29 Reply
    • officialwang
      2019-04-22 06:35:37 Reply
    • wise
      Nice track
      2019-04-22 03:22:35 Reply
    • Michael Joseph Jackison
      2019-04-22 02:35:40 Reply
    • Richard Itie
      surprising this song is dope...kudos Cuppy
      2019-04-21 10:42:05 Reply
    • Ifeanacho Ezekwesili
      pretty song m impressed
      2019-04-21 02:14:09 Reply
    • supercool
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      2019-04-21 12:08:48 Reply
    • supercool
      listen to by larkim Just search Larkim on here and listen I promoise you’d love it!!!
      2019-04-21 10:49:02 Reply
    • Lyon King
      hot hit..........
      2019-04-21 07:21:15 Reply
    • Fawole Philip
      Real Dj
      2019-04-21 07:00:50 Reply
    • Ani
      If you are a true fan of good music, follow me and I will follow back.
      2019-04-20 07:16:26 Reply
    • FederalFunds
      nice one cuppy
      2019-04-20 03:56:41 Reply
    • amaechiegbuagha
      i love you cuppy
      2019-04-20 03:41:28 Reply
      i love you cuppy
      2019-04-20 03:40:30 Reply

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