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Niniola Apata aka Niniola is a singer, song writer and performer who hails from Ekiti State. She was born on the 15th of December. Born into a family that had nothing but Love and support for each other. She went on to attend Apata Memorial School after which she went and bagged her Bachelor of Education from the University of Lagos. Niniola fell in love with music right from when she was a kid. And in high school she had a sort of request show during her free time where her friends will make requests and she will sing to her classmates. This was possible because of her large repertoire of songs and clear vocals...She was tagged "the human radio"... She later joined the school cultural group and participated in social activities. Although she's immersed herself in music,and enjoyed accolades from friends and family, she wanted the world to hear her voice.Thus going for a couple of competitions thereby harnessing her singing skills. Niniola was the 3rd Runner-Up in the MTN PFAME


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  • Emma Isaiah
    nice one bae I'm your number fans luv you more
    2020-07-23 06:35:47 Reply
  • adeoyemoses
    I love her voice
    2020-07-20 04:16:16 Reply
  • Daniel Richie
    Nice beat
    2020-07-20 02:31:01 Reply
  • Daniel Richie
    nice beat me
    2020-07-20 02:30:08 Reply
    Queen Michael
    2020-03-15 09:41:29 Reply
  • Petre Godwin
    much love Nini babe
    2020-07-19 07:23:53 Reply
  • willz@brown
    i love u mama everthing about u is fantatic to me
    2020-07-18 10:12:33 Reply
  • Olawale
    too much dear
    2020-07-17 09:17:22 Reply
  • Daniella
    fyn gal
    2020-07-04 02:38:40 Reply
  • adeniran
    lova girl
    2020-06-26 12:18:39 Reply
    love her beats
    2017-04-26 07:21:54 Reply
  • Shehu Abdulhamid
    so cute
    2020-05-04 10:05:36 Reply
  • olawunmi
    i love everything about her
    2020-04-28 12:19:13 Reply
  • Ibrahim Abubakar
    love her sound
    2020-04-23 10:54:23 Reply
  • Neego
    [Picture] Kinda addicted to Niniola, my lockdown is going well with her songs
    2020-04-18 08:33:12 Reply
  • Dreamz
    I never get tired of listening to any of your songs. You guys are doing well
    2020-04-07 09:22:39 Reply
  • Queen Michael
    2020-03-15 09:41:29 Reply
  • Garba Goubekoye
    2020-03-14 12:05:12 Reply
  • harryberry
    so cute dear
    2020-03-09 05:57:15 Reply
  • Tega Davis
    can you try and feature wizkid your songs are cool
    2020-03-06 02:29:56 Reply
  • Bouba Ibrahim
    2020-02-13 12:55:51 Reply
    Boniface Kyalo
    God gave you good mouth not too big for eating and not too small ya kuonja food ooh but only for singing.continue with that attitude move.very nice to meet you.
    2019-10-14 08:12:53 Reply
  • Xin
    2019-11-27 04:13:45 Reply
    Ibok Emma
    I love d new inspiration she used in did song it makes me like her more
    2018-08-16 07:55:24 Reply