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Niniola Apata aka Niniola is a singer, song writer and performer who hails from Ekiti State. She was born on the 15th of December. Born into a family that had nothing but Love and support for each other. She went on to attend Apata Memorial School after which she went and bagged her Bachelor of Education from the University of Lagos. Niniola fell in love with music right from when she was a kid. And in high school she had a sort of request show during her free time where her friends will make requests and she will sing to her classmates. This was possible because of her large repertoire of songs and clear vocals...She was tagged "the human radio"... She later joined the school cultural group and participated in social activities. Although she's immersed herself in music,and enjoyed accolades from friends and family, she wanted the world to hear her voice.Thus going for a couple of competitions thereby harnessing her singing skills. Niniola was the 3rd Runner-Up in the MTN PFAME


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  • Xin
    2019-11-27 04:13:45 Reply
    Ibok Emma
    I love d new inspiration she used in did song it makes me like her more
    2018-08-16 07:55:24 Reply
  • wale
    its a beautiful song
    2019-11-19 10:47:27 Reply
  • evan
    i love desighner beat and the way you danced to it
    2019-11-14 10:18:54 Reply
  • Ikechukwu Ezenekwu Achom
    awesome from my nini nini
    2019-11-05 07:16:24 Reply
  • 102983977
    2019-11-04 06:20:37 Reply
    Princess Esiri
    love maradona beat
    2018-04-23 09:30:20 Reply
  • chizzy
    so cute ❤️
    2019-11-04 02:22:46 Reply
  • Simon Simon
    My fine babe right on i'm with you one love
    2019-10-17 09:20:14 Reply
  • Boniface Kyalo
    God gave you good mouth not too big for eating and not too small ya kuonja food ooh but only for singing.continue with that attitude move.very nice to meet you.
    2019-10-14 08:12:53 Reply
  • Folashade Adamson Makinde
    i love her beatz nd the way she dance
    2019-10-10 08:43:06 Reply
    For me I love everything about you,your music and you have the outfit,beauty,stature and you good in dancing..I love you
    2019-09-29 02:23:17 Reply
  • preciousanthony619@gmail
    can't stop loving her music,[0x1f641]
    2019-09-13 02:01:54 Reply
  • lsia Dawn
    2019-09-01 07:29:05 Reply
    love her beats
    2017-04-26 07:21:54 Reply
  • bamidele
    l love your music keep it up[0x1f641]
    2019-08-27 07:15:34 Reply
  • Kuule Patrick
    I love it
    2019-07-20 04:27:41 Reply
  • Sophia Chimeremma
    Love ❤️ her die
    2019-07-17 02:16:57 Reply
  • Adama Mana
    2019-07-08 10:46:13 Reply
    love her beats
    2017-04-26 07:21:54 Reply
  • 8120244432
    2019-07-05 09:54:34 Reply
  • Nneka Ezenwigbo
    i love all of songs
    2019-07-05 05:12:04 Reply
  • molarhyinka
    m so lovingnini ryt nw
    2019-07-04 04:00:46 Reply
  • Abuja D Son
    i love niniola like crazy. thanks for touching my life with ur songs.
    2019-05-06 05:55:23 Reply

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