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Godwin Adams

Godwin Adams, is fondly called “the church boy” but more than anything else, he’s one of the most gifted psalmists and a multi-talented singer who carries a crystal clear message of love, faith and hope. For him, music is more than just what is airing on the airwaves. It is a powerful tool with which one expresses that which cannot be said, and that which makes it impossible for one to be silent. Godwin Adams does not strive to entertain, but simply want his audience to experience Christ like never before, and be blessed in every way that a person can be blessed, both spiritually and physically. Godwin Adams being a: ~ Praise & Worship Leader ~ Performing/Recording Artiste ~ Song Writer ~ Vocal Coach ~ Music Consultant... Has been ministering and juggling hundreds of singing engagements for over the last 7 years, presenting the gospel of Christ across Nigeria and some parts of Africa.


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