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Contemporary Christian artiste Jlyricz was born and raised in Benin-City until he had to leave in his early teens. He always knew he was a creative but it wasn't until he started thinking that it might never happen that he got started. Since his debut in 2017, he has had a prolific run releasing several singles such as Idi Nma, Never Let Me Fall, Tell Me, Daily, On High, Know You etc as well as three EPs; The Redeemed (2017), Thankful (2018) and Love Play (2018). He also released his first compilation Love & Gospel: The Collection and its deluxe version in 2019. A profilic writer with a knack for fusing genres and writing lyrics inspired mostly by his relationship with God and his everyday experiences his music has received positive reviews around the world. Aside music, Jlyricz is also a prolific writer. He has written for several publications as well as publishing two books; Echoes Of Silence and This Traffic In My Head. He is currently working on his forthcoming music project.


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  • Wiztom
    [Picture] Nice
    2020-04-01 10:42:04 Reply
  • seyi
    looking cool
    2019-12-01 05:21:01 Reply
  • Folake
    Handsome man
    2019-12-01 09:33:29 Reply
  • Oladele Opeyemi
    Well done
    2019-11-30 05:34:04 Reply
  • Queen Blessing
    thumbs up
    2019-11-30 05:01:42 Reply
  • Gbemisola
    nice one
    2019-11-30 04:44:01 Reply
  • Dapo Money
    2019-11-30 04:20:43 Reply
  • I_am_Sir_Josh
    Cool and Nice[0x2728]
    2019-11-18 08:34:40 Reply
  • xin大
    @Joe H是e:
    2019-08-29 07:59:19 Reply
  • John David
    yeah nice one how far
    2018-04-24 04:58:47 Reply
    Joe He
    Nice music. well done.
    2017-11-15 12:56:07 Reply
  • Joe He
    Nice music. well done.
    2017-11-15 12:56:07 Reply